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I was once chatting with my Grandad shortly after i had been taught how to tackle a photographic restoration. He was very intrigued and took his wallet from his pocket. Opening it, he removed a very fragile, wafer thin picture, covered in crease marks. “ive had this in my wallet for 50 years, you probably cant do much with that”

He let me take the image so i could scan it. I returned it with a fully restored copy and when i gave it back to him he started to cry (thankfully tears of joy). It was then i realised how much happiness a restoration can bring.


Photographs can fade over time especially exposed to direct sunlight and older photographs that have been been handled regularly and stored incorrectly can begin to show signs of wear and tear (literally!) 


Luckily though, Rips, creases, scuffs and scratches are almost always repairable!


So why not get in touch and see if we can help restore your images to former glory!


Email us at habrokimaging@gmail.com with either a digital file or picture of the image/ images you would like restored and we will get back to you with a free quotation.


Prices Start at £9.99 (up to A4) if sending digital files but add £2 per image if sending via post.


Our three package levels are - 


Low - Removal of small creases, light scratches. Basic colour correction and cropping.


Medium - Removal of small tears/rips, small scratches, creases across body parts and removal of heavy dust accumulation. Removal of small objects on request.


High - Restoration of complex patterns within main features, facial or body parts. Restoring any missing sections of the image. Water damage, recovery of faded detail or restoring signatures. Removal of larger objects on request.


Once restored, you will receive your original images plus one restored print of similar size. 


Web sized jpegs are available at an extra £2 each.

Please be aware that the original image quality, levels of damage and scan quality are all factors that affect the restoration process - so the results can differ.We will however do our very best to advise and communicate with you prior to booking as to what will be feasible. Its very rare to have an image we cant work with! But please do not send and hard copies to us until we have contacted you.

If, once agreed, you send hard copies through the post, please make sure to use special delivery options and appropriate hard backed envelopes to protect your original images.


Habrok imaging cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your items whilst in transit, please ensure you pack securely and are happy with the postal service you choose.